Sleeper - Sale of the Century
Sleeper - Sale of the Century

We step through london the streets holding onto us
We stand where the river bends I hope we fall in
This time maybe lets take a photograph
Well burn all the negatives I hope we fall in

Its never going to be this good so just climb in
How long till reason makes us small again
It feels just like weve just got started

Its still you taking me up there
Pretend to be scared then decided that we dont care
Wear ourselves out on the way down
Its still you and the moment you met me
You thought I was cheap you were the sale of the century
Creased ourselves up on the way down

Now I touch you dont know where you begin
Sometimes youre a piece of me I hope we fall in

Its been too long so it cant just be something we ate
I knew wed go far cos we both share the people we hate
It feels just like we just got started

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