some mp3's can be found here

File nameFile typeSize
Ataris-Boys of Summer.mp3MPEG ADTS8.1 MBInfo
Foo Fighters-Best of You.mp3MPEG ADTS7.21 MBInfo
Kings of Leon-Sex on Fire.mp3MPEG ADTS6.36 MBInfo
Manics-Umbrella.mp3MPEG ADTS6.3 MBInfo
Manics-You Stole the Sun.mp3MPEG ADTS7.8 MBInfo
Muse-Time is Running Out.mp3MPEG ADTS7.04 MBInfo
Pink-So What.mp3MPEG ADTS3.65 MBInfo
RHCP-By The Way.mp3MPEG ADTS6.41 MBInfo
Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars.mp3MPEG ADTS8.64 MBInfo
Sweet-Ballroom Blitz.mp3MPEG ADTS7.77 MBInfo
Ting Tings-Shut Up and Let Me Go.mp3MPEG ADTS4.72 MBInfo
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