Upcoming Gigs

Day Date Month Venue page
Thu 10th September Brickmakers, Norwich Ib3
Sun 18th October Private Wedding Jc4
Thu 19th November The BlueBerry, Norwich Kc5
Sat 21st November Plough and Sail, Lowestoft Kc7

Past gigs

Day Date Month Venue page
Sat 4th April Fishermans Wharf, Lowestoft Da4
Tue 14th April Brickmakers, Norwich Db7
Sat 2nd May Angel Gardens, Norwich Ea2
Fri 15th May Reindeer, Norwich ec1
Sat 23rd May The Railway, North Elmham Ed2
Thu 4th June The BlueBerry, Norwich Fa4
Sat 13th June Fishermans Wharf, Lowestoft Fb6
Sat 25th July Angel Gardens, Norwich Gd4
Friday 14th August Burrage Centre, Gorleston Hb7
Sat 15th August Turnstone,Hopton Hc1
Sat 5th September Private Wedding Ia5
Fri 18th September Reindeer, Norwich Ic4
Fri 13th November Reindeer, Norwich Kb6
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